Civil Technology


In the education policy 1972-80 under the head “Technical Education” some of the polytechnics were converted into colleges of technology to offer B.Tech Program. GCT, Faisalabad was one of them. Keeping in view the market demand, GCT, Faisalabad implemented B.Sc. Electrical Engineering Technology program, offered by UET Lahore, in 2011.


The purpose of running degree level course in technology is to produce field technologists who are probated and motivated to learn the techniques of planning, designing, manufacturing, inspecting, installing, maintaining and supervising industrial plants/projects. Students receive technical education in their field of specialization with re-enforcement in scientific and mathematical background. In this way they prepare themselves to accept the challenges for working collectively in managerial and supervisory positions in industries.

First Year



Sr. NoSubject CodeSubject NameTPC
1GEN-111Islamiat /Pakistan Studies101
3MATH-113Applied Mathematics-1303
4PHY-122Applied Physics132
5CH-112Applied Chemistry132
6Civil-104Basic Surveying264
7Civil-113Engineering Material & Construction233
8Civil-143Basic Engineering Drawing163
9Shop-102workshop Practices132
10Comp-111Computer applications031

Second Year



Sr. NoSubject CodeSubject NameTPC
1GEN-211Islamiat /Pakistan Studies101
2GEN-221Communication Skills and Report Writing101
3MATH-212Applied Mathematics-II202
4Civil-203Public Health Technology233
5Civil-214Advance Surveying264
6Civil-223Building Construction233
7Civil-243Civil engineering Drawing & Auto CAD163
8Civil-263Mechanics of Structures233
9Civil-232Quality Surveying132

Third Year



Sr. NoSubject CodeSubject NameTPC
1GEN-311Islamiat/Pakistan Studies100
2Civil-314Project Management264
3Civil-303Advanced Quality Surveying163
4Civil-334Hydraulics & Irrigation334
5Civil-343Transportation Engineering233
6Civil-354Concrete Technology & RCC Design334
7Civil-322Occupational Health & Safety Environment202
8Civil-373Mechanics & Bridge Engineering233