Food Technology

Food Technology is such a technology that you can start your own business by investing a small amount of money. A large number of pass out in food technology are running their own business in the field of spices, snacks, dairy, water treatment, beverages, bakery and other various fields.

Latest machinery and instruments are available in the college which are sufficient for practice at a pilot scale. Currently, such kind of machinery and instruments are not available at any other college or university in the country that is why the professional from various institutes and industries visit the college for research purpose.


Food industry is the second largest industry after Textile in Pakistan. The pass out of Food Technology serve in national and multinational companies (Coca Cola, Uniliver, Nestle, Dawn, KFC, Pepsi, Haleeb, Lays, Vita Bread, Mitchel’s Gourmet) and earn handsome salary packages. Many diploma holders can earn up to 80 to 90 thousand per month in various countries like U.A.E. and Saudia Arabia. Jadeed Bakers U.A.E, Rose Garden Foods U.A.E. and HANA Foods are at the top list.

Higher Education

Pass out of Food Technology Diploma have many options for Higher Studies, they can take admission at GC University and its various campus in BS Food Nutrition and Food Sciences Technology. They can also take admission at University of Agriculture Faisalabad in BSc Food Technology, BD Food Engineering and BS Agri-Engineering. Moreover, they can also take admission at University of Sargodha in BS Food Sciences and at Veterinary University in BSc Dairy Technology. Private Sector Universities have also launched Bachelor Degree programs keeping in view the importance of Food Technology. Many of the Pass outs are studying in these Universities

First Year



Sr. NoSubject CodeSubject NameTPC
1GEN-111Islamiat /Pakistan Studies101
3MATH-123Applied Mathematics-1303
4PHY-113Applied Physics233
5CH-123Applied Chemistry233
6MT-117Workshop Practices-1031
7MTF-111Engineering Drawing031
8Comp-142Computer Applications132
9FT-103Introduction to Food Science and Technology233
10FT-123General and Food Micro Biology233

Second Year



Sr. NoSubject CodeSubject NameTPC
1GEN-211Islamiat /Pakistan Studies101
2MGM-221Business Management and Industrial Economics101
3MATH-233Applied Mathematics-II303
4FT-203Food Chemistry & Analysis233
5FT-262Food Plant layout and Hygiene132
6FT-223Fruit Vegetables & Beverage Technology233
7FT-232Fats & Oil Technology132
8FT-243Meat, Poultry & Fish Technology233
9FT-271Sugar & Confectionary Technology132
10FT-291Food Laws and standards101

Third Year



Sr. NoSubject CodeSubject NameTPC
1GEN-311Islamiat/Pakistan Studies100
2MGM-321Business Communication100
3MGM-311Industrial Management & Human Relation101
4FT-313Hospirality Management233
5FT-323Nutrition & Dietetics202
6FT-303Cereal & Baking Technology233
7FT-343Dairy Technology233
8FT-353Food Engineering233
9FT-363Food Safety & Quality assurance233
10FT-391Special Project031

Shabbir Ahmed

Senior Instructor

Saima Ejaz

Senior Instructor

Munir Ahmed


Hafiza Sana Hafeez


Muhammad Naveed

Instructor Professional Cooking

Saleem Ilays Bazmi