For the growth and development of a society, communication of knowledge has become increasingly very important. A library plays a vital role in the promotion of knowledge and transfer of information in every age. Librarianship is entering in an emerging paradigm.


The library is a part and parcel of an educational institute. It exists to server the objectives of its parent organization and helps the educational system to achieve its goal. It also helps greatly in raising the standard of education. So the position of a library in an academic institution is generally as that of a heart in human body. The library of this college was established with the establishment of the college and the library services are being provided up to the most to the faculty and the students.

Library Automation

Technological changes are sweeping across the world. Information revolution in electronic form is rapidly becoming the preferred method of information exchange and there is none who has not been affected by the explosion of computer technology. Because of outstanding efficiency, performance and ability to handle the large volume of information the AUTOMATION of college library has been processed.

Library Services

Library services are provided to faculty and Non teaching staff i.e. 250 and students i.e. 3000

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