Campaign regarding technical education awareness

Campaign regarding technical education awareness is carried out in various public and private educational institutes in order to enlarge number of trainees in technical institutes which is dire need of current global scenario as compensation of colossal difference in man power employed in multiple governmental and non governmental sectors of nations worldwide playing pivotal role for development of countries across the globe to enhance living status relevant to safe, healthy and prosperous lifestyle. Accordingly, numerous committees are proposed to ensure implementation of aforementioned objectives in true spirit. Purposely, Ms. Saima Ijaz (Sr. Instructor, Food) and Ms. Hafiza Sana Hafeez ( Instructor, Food) visited Govt. M. C. Girls High School Maddan Pura located in the biggest town of Asia that is Ghulam Muhammad Abad, Faisalabad and successfully convinced headmistress of abovementioned school mam Farrukh Naz by motivational speech as well as students of matriculation through demonstration via using audio visual aids, marketing material, presentations, pamphlets , banners and flexes provided by our prestigious institute named as Govt. College of Technology, Samanabad, Faisalabad as per directions of respected principal Dr.Syed Iftikhar Hussain Shah who is vibrant, diligent, enthusiastic, honest and loyal personality leading our college to new perspectives of learning by achieving milestone in every planned activity successfully and introducing innovative or novel techniques to aware moreover educate community in benefitting manner consequently pivotal for betterment of our beloved country and financially supporting her elaborated by technical skills of trained workforce of a large number of institutes of TEVTA, Punjab, Pakistan extended to educational & non educational organizations, industrial sector at national and international level in the form of provision of services, consultation and entrepreneurship. The response from students is highly acknowledged and they showed will to obtain technical education in future in order to support their families and fulfill their dreams being successful personnel’s of society. They ensured to safe their as well as future of our country by providing their services in different working sections besides personal and professional grooming and training. Its our success that we have ability to change mindset of our youth from conventional or proposed study plan to technical education through combined set of untiring and ever lasting efforts. At last but not least, hopeful to see fruitful results for our institute dignity.