Fee in Rupees

Admission Fee 105    Rupees " At the time of Admission "
Admission Fee  " After Dismissal " 105    Rupees
Tuition Fee 2640  Rupees per Annum
Machinery and Equipment Breakage 480   Rupees per Annum
Stationary & Internal Examination Fund 440   Rupees per Annum
Student ID Card Fee 60    Rupees
College's Security " Refundable "  1285 Rupees
Transport Fund 920  Rupees per Annum
Parking Fee / Stand Fee 220  Rupees per Annum
Institute / College's welfare Fund 665  Rupees per Annum
Fee " for relaxation in age " 370  Rupees " At the time of Admission "
Computer Fund " only for 1st year class " 2220 Rupees per year
Verification Fee " for matriculation certificate " According to Board Fee
Fee " under self finance scheme for all  Technology" 2000  Rupees per month (24000 Per Year)

Dues of PBTE



Fee in Rupees

Registration Fee 860  Rupees " At the time of Admission "
Late Admission Fee 200  Rupees " At the time of Admission "
Examination Fee Fee should be paid at the time of examination

Hostel Fee



Fee in Rupees

Hostel Fee 540  Rupees per Annum
Hostel Mess Security " Refundable " 2755  Rupees
Krakari Fund 370  Rupees " At the time of Admission "
Expenditures of Electricity & Gas  
Expenditures for Hostel Employees  
  • During study, students are responsible for paying their fee & other dues according to the schedule given by the college's authority.

  • Information about fee receiving date will be pasted on the main notice board of the college.

  • After passing the due date for fee, students will pay their fee with fine.

  • A student will be dismissed from college, if he fails to pay his fee within 20 days after due date.

  • During 3 years study, the fee receiving schedule will be conducted 3 time per three years.

  • There is no permission for fee payment in installments.

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