Technical Education Awareness Campaign

Technical Education awareness campaign by Govt. College of Technology Samanabad faisalabad under the mission of Chairman TEVTA ,Vision of Mr. Akhter Abbas Bharwana , Supervision of ZM North and Plan of Dr. Syed Iftikhar Hussain Shah Principal Govt. College of Technology Samanabad Faisalabad. Female team of Gct (M)fsd are visiting Govt and Pvt. High Schools to promote technical education and guide young generation of matriculation so that they may set their target of admission after matriculation.
Since when lady instructors of GCT(M) fsd has joined campaign to strengthen Technical Education awareness campaign teams ,a significant and speedy improvements.
Engr. AmnaSattar, Miss Bakhtawar and Miss Abida visited Govt. Model Higher Secondary School for girls on 5th March 2021 and Government Dakan Girls High School on 6th March 2021 situated in Samanabad fsd . The purpose of this visit is to promote the awareness of Technical Education and the impact of Women empowerment by attaining Technical education by girls. We already have girls intake from these institutes in food Technology and are expecting more students in food as well as in other Technologies Because girl students of said institutes showed great concern and interest in different technologies in response of awareness lecture and showed much curiosity. Their eagerness for technical education will definitely enhance strength of girls in gct( M) Samanabad fsd in all technologies.
A new horizon in technical education is going to be opened for women which will definitely uplift the economy of country.