Related Studies Department

Related Studies is actually a part and parcel department of each Technology at Technical Colleges. Maths, Physics and Chemistry are just like the ”Life-Blood” for Engineering. Without the comprehensive understanding of these subjects a student will always remain at a loss to grasp the real sense of Engineering. As English is the Medium of Instruction for DAE Classes, who can deny the significance and importance of English. To infuse the spirit of Ethics and the love for dear homeland, the study of Islamiat and Pak. Studies is imperative. To get the students acquainted with the art of Management and the excellent computer skills is also the responsibility of Related Studies. In this way it can easily be claimed that Related Studies is in fact Real Studies Department.

Mazhar Abbas
HOD Related Studies Msc. Mathematics
Muhammad Tahir Malik
Associate Professor Msc. Chemistry
Muhammad Saleem Akbar
Associate Professor/M.Com (Finance), MBA (Marketing), MA(Political Science)
Muhammad Younis
assistant Professor Chemistry
Deputed as principal GCT Kamalia
Muhammad Ajmal
Assistant Professor/Physics
Khalid Mahmood
Assistant Professor/Mathematics
Obaid Ullah Khan
Assistant Professor/Islamiat
Masood -ur-Rehman
Muhammad Kashif Shahbaz
Qaiser Abbas
Sajid Hussain
Mohsin Niaz
Abid Hussain
Miss Zara Sajid